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Welcome to Dylan Days

Welcome to the online home of Dylan Days, an organization supporting the arts and honoring Bob Dylan in his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. Over the years Dylan Days has built a grassroots tradition including the singer/songwriter contest, writing contest and literary showcase, visual arts competition, Bobby Zimmerman bus tour, live music and more.

Dylan Days 2012 is May 24-27

Dylan Days 2012 is scheduled for May 24-27. We'll once again be hosting our singer/songwriter contest, writing contest and literary showcase, visual arts competition, and Bobby Zimmerman bus tour. Stay tuned for news on live music and other attractions for 2012.

The following excerpt from the May 2009 edition of Rolling Stone's Douglas Brinkley interview with Dylan explains why we organize Dylan Days:

“I ask Dylan if he minds people visiting Hibbing or Duluth or Minneapolis searching for the root of his talent. ‘Not at all,’ he surprisingly says. ‘That town where I grew up hasn’t really changed that much, so whatever was in the air before is probably still there. I go through once in a while coming down from Canada. I’ll stop there and wander around.’"

"Whatever's in the air" is still here in this blue collar mining town with a special past and curious future. We are a small town group with a big dream, to expand the arts in Northern Minnesota and welcome people from around the world for music, art, writing and stories. Dylan Days welcomes you to create art or experience art in the place where Bob Dylan and many others first learned about love, conflict and the human condition. The only way to really know what happens at Dylan Days is to come to Hibbing and see for yourself.

Share your thoughts or suggestions at our Facebook page, Tweet us or e-mail us.

Press Coverage

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-Aaron J. Brown

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-Twin Cities Metro

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-Twin Cities Metro

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-Minnesota Monthly

Dylan Days is organized by Dylan Days, Hibbing, MN, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing the arts in Bob Dylan's hometown.
All content not provided for promotional purposes copyright by Aaron J. Brown for Dylan Days.