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Welcome to Dylan Days

Welcome to the online home of Dylan Days, an organization supporting the arts and honoring Bob Dylan in his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. Over the years Dylan Days has built a grassroots tradition including the singer/songwriter contest, writing contest and literary showcase, visual arts competition, Bobby Zimmerman bus tour, live music and more.

Thanks for a Wonderful Dylan Days 2011

Dylan Days 2011

Thanks to all who attended or otherwise participated in Dylan Days 2011! People from all over the world converged on Bob Dylan's hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, to celebrate the musician's 70th birthday week and the arts community of northern Minnesota. Stay tuned for updates on next year's event. Share your thoughts or suggestions at our Facebook page, Tweet us or e-mail us.

If you missed Dylan Days 2011 check out the film presented by Manchester Metropolitan University professor David Leaver at our first-ever Dylan Days symposium on May 27:

Dylan Days 2011 celebrated Bob Dylan's 70th birthday and the 10th year of Hibbing's citywide Dylan Days the 2011 Creative Writing Contest, the 2011 Singer-Songwriter contest and the 2011 Visual Art contest featuring a NEW division in which visual artists and photographers from northeastern Minnesota created the 2011 Dylan Days poster image.

Press Coverage

"Dylan's Minnesota Story Shows Poetry in Motion"
-Aaron J. Brown

"Native Son"
-Twin Cities Metro

"Bringin' It All Back Home"
-Twin Cities Metro

"Tangled Up in Stats"
-Minnesota Monthly

Dylan Days is organized by Dylan Days, Hibbing, MN, a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancing the arts in Bob Dylan's hometown.
All content not provided for promotional purposes copyright by Aaron J. Brown for Dylan Days.