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Bus Tour of Bob Dylan's Hibbing

Person looking at Bob Dylan Drive street signDon't miss the annual bus tour, part of the Dylan Days celebration. The tour includes stops to all of the following locations. The bus tour is $25 and you must register in advance for this tour! Visit the Tickets Section

~Sites identified by Hibbing Public Library

1. Zimmerman Furniture and Electric
1925 5th Ave. E.

In 1941, Maurice and Paul Zimmerman purchased Micka Electric. Bob’s father, Abe, joined the company in 1947 and became the secretary/treasurer. As a teen, Bob worked in the store, making deliveries among other tasks.

2. Hibbing Bowling Center
1925 5th Ave. E.

The 1955-56 teenage bowling competition was won by a group called the Gutter Boys. Bob was one of six team members.

3. L&B Café
417 E. Howard St.

Bob and girlfriend Echo would spend time at the L&B after school. They smoked cigarettes and played the juke box. Bob’s favorite order was cherry pie a la mode.

4. Feldman’s Department Store
403-05 E. Howard St. (Now Benders)

Bob’s mother, Beatty, worked at Feldman’s. Nancy Peterson (who once competed against Bob at a talent show and won) worked with Beatty. “She recalls the day in ’62 or ’63 when the owner made this announcement: ‘This is R.W. Feldman. We have a celebrity in women’s wear – Mr. Bob Die-lynn.’” (Star Tribune, Sept. 25, 2005, p. F8)

5. Crippa Music
313 E. Howard St. (Now Rupar Music)

During the noon hour and after school, Bob was known to stop by Crippa’s and charge sheet music and records to Abe’s account.

6. Stone’s Clothing
102 E. Howard St. (Now China Buffet)

During Bob’s childhood, Stone’s clothing was run by his Grandma Florence and Uncle Lewis Stone.

7. Lybba Theatre
2135 1st Ave. (Now Sunrise Deli Lybba Restaurant)

“Bobby” Zimmerman and his high school chums, LeRoy Hoikkala and John Bucklen, watched the James Dean legend come to life in the movies “East of Eden” and “Rebel Without a Cause” shown at the Lybba Theatre. These three teenagers were never the same after that.

8. Agudath Achim Synagogue
2320 2nd Ave. W.

The Agudath Achim congregation bought the Swedish Evangelical Emanuel Lutheran church from the Oliver Mining Co. and had it moved from North Hibbing. Most of the time it had no clergy, but the Zimmerman family would attend services when conducted by a rabbi from Duluth.

9. Alice Grade School
2300 2nd Ave. E. (Now a Playground & Parking Lot)

Bob attended the Alice School. “He thinks the ringing of the recess bell means time to go home. It takes a few extra trips to figure out how very long the school day is,” writes David Engel, Just Like Bob Zimmerman’s Blues, p. 56.

10. Memorial Building
400 E. 23rd St.

Bob performed in the Little Theatre and the lobby during “Winter Frolic Days.” One of his memories of the building recorded in Chronicles: Volume One, pgs. 43-44, is having professional wrestler Gorgeous George wink at him while he was playing from a makeshift platform in the lobby.

11. Bob Dylan’s Childhood Home
2425 7th Ave. E.

The two story, wood framed, flat roofed, stucco house is an example of the Mediterranean Modern style that could be found all over Hibbing in 1947. One the first floor there was the usual kitchen, bathroom, dining room and a living room with a fireplace. Upstairs, a hallway connected three bedrooms.

12. Hibbing High School
800 E. 21st St.

Bob’s high school teachers generally remember him as being quiet. This is probably why his first performance on the high school stage was such a shock. In May 1959, Bob sat with 424 other graduates in that same high school auditorium.

13. Hibbing Public Library
2020 E. 5th Ave.

The library’s Dylan Collection includes books, newspaper and magazine articles, movies, music, posters, and many other items. There is also a small permanent exhibit on the lower level.

14. Androy Hotel
502 E. Howard St.

Bob’s Bar Mitzvah celebration was held at the Androy with about 400 people attending. Many relatives were present. They had old country names like Zigman Zimmerman, Chana Greenstein, Shabsie Solemovits, and Lybba Edelstein.

15. Collier’s Bar-B-Q
1928 4th Ave. E.

Rose Von Feldt and her supportive family owned and ran Collier’s Bar-B-Q for many years. This restaurant was the forerunner to the coffee houses of the folk music era, as Robert Zimmerman, Jerry Von Feldt and assorted musicians gathered at Collier’s on Sundays to jam and play music for their friends, fellow students, etc. The door was always open and the early rock music echoed down Fourth Avenue East.

You must register in advance for this tour! Visit the Tickets Section

Source: Hibbing Historical Walking Tour brochure, 2011, City of Hibbing

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